identity system

Sónar is one of the largest electronic music events in the world which takes place annually in Barcelona.

My goal for sónar’s rebrand was to create a cohesive context for the performing artists while maintaining the integrity of their own aesthetics. While unifying the event’s many assets with a systematic visual vocabulary, a distinctive identity emerged from the aesthetics of pragmatism and computer logic.

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The aesthetic vernacular of early electronic music was a key inspiration in sónar’s rebrand. The colors and utilitarian designs of vintage drum machines, synthesizers and oscilloscopes were interpreted through a high-res, contemporary lens to form the building blocks of this identity.

The expansiveness of the festival’s programming is reflected in the grid which pervades the festival’s identity: a grid of limitless resolution and opportunity. The identity’s greens and greys are adopted from vintage audio equipment: the foundational tools of electronic music.

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