spatial, generative

The SPECTRAL installation transforms a room into a spatial radio dial.

The installation acts as an immersive entry-point into the
history of pirate radio which is extensively detailed in 88.0–108.0MHz. Visitors engage with reactive sound and image.

related project: 88.0–108.0MHz

The visitor scrubs through three pirate radio broadcasts and related visuals by moving between three corresponding speakers. Each of the three broadcasts is assigned to an individual speaker which adjusts its volume as it’s approached

The installation is operated by a single Processing file which utilizes the JavaFX, The MidiBus, Syphon and video libraries in tandem with Ableton Live and TSPS.

TSPS takes position data from a Kinect sensor and translates it for
use with Processing. This data is used to scan through the projected visuals and adjust the volumes of three audio channels in Ableton.
These three channels are sent through an audio interface to the corresponding speakers.

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